LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech is a Russian oil & gas company of strategic importance

Company’s Strategy

The company’s most recent strategic goal is to become a global oil-industry benchmark in safety, technological advancement and efficiency. That ambitious goal lies at the heart of Fuel World development strategy to 2030: and achieving this demands the complete transformation of the company’s business — organizationally, operationally, digitally and culturally. The company’s strategy is the production and sale of competitive oil and gas and petrochemical products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of interested parties, the development of existing markets, the achievement of the Company’s sustainability, improving the quality of life of the employee and the company in general. LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech sees the main corporate priorities and determinants of its development in a safe working environment, protecting the health of employees, improving environmental and energy efficiency, industrial safety and information security, creating a stable professional team capable of achieving certain goals of the Company.

Our mission

Stabilization of the market for domestic petroleum products in Moscow through the marketing of petroleum products through extensive marketing channels. Development as a competitive, high-performance innovation and technology company located downstream; Provision of oil refining capacities and production of high quality oil products. Improving the efficiency of operational processes through the introduction and implementation of new technologies and new manufacturing enterprises.

Our view

To strengthen the Company’s position in the world market by organizing the release of new products, increasing existing capacities based on innovative energy-saving technologies in accordance with consumer expectations; development of mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable partners in the supply of raw materials, energy resources, components based on a risk-based approach and increasing the competitiveness of products, services, processes and the development of the management system, ensuring their integration in the context of national and international standards using best practices.

Our goal

Bringing the business process management of the refinery to the level of leading peers in the industry; Regulation of social and labor relations based on social partnership; Achieving a stable share in the retail market of petroleum products by 32% by 2022; Improving the management system of innovative and technological developments; Increasing the capacity and efficiency of oil refining and the quality of products; Ensuring safety at the workplace and reducing environmental risks; Improving personnel policies and human resources development; Development of extensive distribution channels for petroleum products.