Introduction of innovative technologies for production

Science and Innovations

LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech is confidently heading towards the introduction of innovative technologies for production as well as management and support processes. In pursuance of the instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation, our company has developed and the Board of Directors has approved the updated corporate Program for Innovation Development (PID) for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030). The corporate Program for Innovation Development for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030) is aimed at increasing the role of innovations in achieving the corporate strategic goals, including:

  • Achievement of significant positive effects from the program’s implementation in relation to the company’s activity;
  • Increase of efficiency of main business processes, labour efficiency growth;
  • Improvement of the company’s competitiveness and position at Russian and foreign markets;
  • Maximum coverage of possibilities in innovation sphere in developing and taking management decisions in the company.
Development of partnership with higher education institutions in education and science sphere

In order to achieve the goals set, LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech makes provision for a comprehensive cooperation in innovation sphere with development institutes, innovation territorial clusters, technological platforms, higher education institutions, Russian Academy of Science’s institutions and small and medium-sized business enterprises. More detailed information can be found in the Passport of the Program for Innovation Development for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030). Design, scientific-research and service entities of the LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech are engaged in implementation of the PID’s projects.Coordinator of the PID’s implementation is the Innovation Development Department of LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech.

The corporate single-window system

One of the important positive effects arising in the course of realization of the Program for Innovation Development is a significant increase in demand for innovations on the part of LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech which, as a rule, is impossible using solely company’s, its subsidiaries and affiliated entities’ resources. Therefore, our company develops mechanisms of innovation technologies and products acquisition from other entities.

In order to remove administrative, financial and informational barriers, facilitating access to LLC NPO Tyumen Geotech purchases by other Russian entities, i.e. potential suppliers of innovation solutions, we created a system for introduction of innovation solutions proposed by other entities, as well as their access to R&D in the company’s interest (the single-window system). The single window system provides for a stage-by-stage consideration of proposals of suppliers in the course of working out innovation solutions proposed by suppliers and a confirmation of the claimed economic characteristics.